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Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, fire police officer or joining the auxiliary can complete a new member inquiry form by clicking (here).

You can also call 215-343-9971 or visit the station on Tuesday evenings between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Firefighters must be 14 years of age or older. The company provides training and turnout gear, insurance, pager, etc. New volunteer firefighters and administrative members are always welcome.

Warwick Township Fire Company Members
Ryan Adams Firefighter
Joe Badome Junior Firefighter
Sean Barry Fire Police
Timothy Becker Battalion Chief
Dylan Blank Firefighter
Ginger Bolig Fire Police Lieutenant, Relief Secretary
Windsor Boyce Firefighter
Richard Boylan Firefighter
Steven Buonomo, Jr. Firefighter
Steven Buonomo, Sr. Firefighter, Treasurer
Michael Bygott Financial Secretary
Anthony Ciavardone Lieutenant
Bruce Ciavardone Lieutenant
Matt Conosciani Firefighter
Cory Cornell Firefighter
Sarah DiMiglio Firefighter
Jack Enwright Firefighter, Board Member
Brendan Fay Firefighter, EMT
George P. Forte Life Member
James Forsstrom Firefighter, Board Member
Ed Gertsenzon Firefighter
Christian Godshalk Firefighter
Robert Gourley Lieutenant
Chris Gruber Firefighter, EMT
Rick Hopp Fire Police Sergeant
Jared Horsch Firefighter
Brendan Jahr Junior Firefighter
Howard Jahr Fire Police
Taylor Jahr Junior Firefighter
Paul Kindermann Past Chief, Life Member
Brittany Kosin Firefighter, EMT
T. J. Kosin Administrative Member
Kevin Kovalic Fire Police Lieutenant, Board Member
Ed Malinowski Captain
Nick Mancuso Firefighter
Aaron McCarty Deputy Chief
Patrick McCarty Assistant Chief
Kevin McCreary Sr. Firefighter, Vice President
Steve Mobley Past Chief
Bill Mogg Firefighter
Ashley Moyle EMT, Administrative Member
Kevin Murphy Firefighter
Lou Patti Fire Police
Crystal Pezok Fire Police
Kathy Pezok Administrative Member
Leeon Pezok, Jr. Administrative Member
Leeon Pezok, Sr.  Fire Police, Photographer, Firefighter, President
Larry Pollack Firefighter, Fire Police
Bob Prato Firefighter
Richard Raab Past Chief, Board Member
George Ratcliffe Firefighter, Relief Vice President
Scott Ratzke Firefighter
Mike Richards Firefighter
Phil Rubin Firefighter
George Rudolph Firefighter, Recording Secretary
Brian Salisbury Lieutenant
Chris Salisbury Firefighter
Rocci Schuima Life Member
Andrew Siley Firefighter
Paul Sorcek Fire Police, Chaplain
Mitchell Stavitz Fire Police Captain, Relief President
Mark Surrusco Firefighter, Board Member
Matt Taylor Chief Engineer
Patrick Taylor Administrative Member
Chris Terenzoni Firefighter
Kevin Thomas Firefighter
Ellie Weber Administrative Member
Robert Weber Chief
Michael Wiley Firefighter, Relief Treasurer
Julie Wood Firefighter

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