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The need for a volunteer fire company in Warwick Township became apparent in 1957. Mr. George P Forte, together with his brothers-in-law, Mr. John Turco, and Mr. Watson E. Wright, spearheaded a movement in September of that year, supported by the people of the community, to form a fire company.

In January 1958, an informal meeting was held at Turco's barbershop, then located on the N.E. corner of York Road and Park Drive. It was at this location, on February 10th of that year, the first official meeting took place. After much discussion, it was decided to name the new volunteer Fire Company the Warwick Township Fire Company No 1. The whereabouts of the original Jamison Fire Company certificate of incorporation was vague and could not be found and therefore the reactivation of that company was abandoned.

Mr. Forte was elected the first president with Mr. Albert Jamison, Jr. as Fire Chief. The members present all dug into their pockets for funds needed to proceed with establishing the company and obtaining the certificate of incorporation. On June 12, 1958, a certificate of incorporation was granted and the Warwick Township Fire Company No. 1 was in business. A portion of Adam Vance's Garage, located on the west side of York road where Park Drive begins, was used free of charge to house a 1938 buffalo fire truck donated by the independent fire company of Jenkintown, Pa. Additional equipment was acquired from time to time, and with extensive training obtained through the cooperation of the Warminister Fire Company, Warwick acquired professional expertise.

The Auxiliary was established in November of 1958 with Mrs. Joseph Michl as the first elected president. The efforts set forth by the Auxiliary and monies raised by them contributed substantially to the success of the Warwick Company.

An agreement of sale, dated December 31, 1959, was signed with the late Herman Samuels and his wife Jean for the purchase of a tract of land consisting of 3.26 acres on the West side of York road, North of and adjacent to the property of Alvin H. Cornell. In May 1962, while hundreds of spectators cheered, ground was broken for a 50' x 100' firehouse. Three months later, some three years and three months after the certificate of incorporation was received, the firehouse was completed. In 1973 a 60 x 100-foot social hall was added to the firehouse to make it a social gathering place for the community.

In 2012, our outdated building was razed and ground was broken for our new 17,200 square foot state of the art firehouse. The fire company is pointed to the future and ready for the next generation. The fire company moved in to this new building in February 2013 and was dedicated on September 21, 2013.


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