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A Fire Police Officer is a person, who as a member of a volunteer fire company and having been properly appointed, has full authority to control crowds, control traffic, and provide security when and where needed.

The Warwick Township Fire Company Special Fire Police are responsible for scene security and traffic direction at or near emergency locations. The Fire Police also provide service for community events. As local residents, your interaction with the Fire Police will probably occur when you are driving near an emergency response area. In the event of an emergency (fire, accident, rescue or flood), the Fire Police may close a road or intersection. The purpose of such a road closure is to:

  • Permit the fire fighters and rescue workers to concentrate on their tasks without the risk of being hit by a passing vehicle.
  • Protect motorist from entering a hazardous scene such as a flooded roadway or other danger.

Whenever possible we try to provide alternative directions for lost and confused drivers. But very often the sheer volume of traffic prevents us from speaking with individual drivers. Therefore, we recommend that you become familiar with alternative routes to work and home. (It is usually only a matter of making a series of right or left turns a block or two away to get back on the detoured roadway.)

Fire Police Officers usually respond to emergencies from their home or work locations using their own personal vehicles. In most instances, the vehicle will display a flashing blue or flashing red light. When you see a car with a flashing light approaching, please pull over to the side and permit him or her to pass safely. While on the scene, the Warwick Township Fire Company Fire Police Officers will be wearing bright yellow safety vests with a Fire Police badge and identifying hat.

Blue Light

If you see cones or flares blocking the road, do not try to drive around or through them. Please slow down and obey the traffic directions given by the Special Fire Police. Your automobile insurance may not cover an accident if you fail to obey our signs, directions and/or other traffic flow indicators.

Safety ConesSafety Cones Safety Cones

You should also be aware that the Special Fire Police are Sworn Officers of the local government. Pennsylvania Law Title 75 Sections 3327 and 3102 provides for fines for people who fail to obey Fire Police instructions or indications relating to traffic flow. In an Emergency Response Area these fines are doubled.

Finally, please remember that we are all volunteers who work and live in the community. It is our sincere desire that you get to your destination in the safest possible manner.

Warwick Township Fire Company Special Fire Police Officers
Captain Mitchell Stavitz FP 66
Lieutenant Ginger Bolig FP 66-1
  Larry Pollack FP 66-4
Crystal Pezok FP 66-5
TJ Kosin FP 66-7
Sarah DiMiglio FP 66-8
Lou Patti FP 66-9
Paul Sorcek FP 66-10
Howard Jahr FP 66-11
Seth Rivkin FP 66-12

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