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Dedicated to providing public safety services to the community, Warwick Township Fire Company is constructing a new, modern fire station.  This $2.9 million project has been underway since early Spring 2012 and is expected to be completed later this year or early 2013.

Our old fire station was built in 1963 and was design to house two trucks.  Over the years, as our community grew, we needed to purchase more and larger fire trucks.  Our four trucks, an engine, a tanker, a rescue, and a ladder truck were squeezed into the bays by stacking them - that is, two trucks were parked behind the other two.  This practice slowed response for emergencies where the trucks parked in the back were needed.  Our new station has four bays at front, allowing each truck to have its own bay and improving response time.

Warwick Township Fire Company members are all volunteers, men and women like you who serve without pay.  These volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to drop whatever they are doing to risk their lives to protect your family, your business and your property.  During inclement weather like hurricanes and snow storms, our volunteers stay at the station during the weather event to ensure a prompt response to emergencies.  These volunteers slept on the floor or chairs; sometimes a few cots were available - our old station lacked facilities for exercise, rest and over-night crews.  With the support of our community, our new fire station will have bunk rooms and an exercise facility.

A small portion of Warwick Township property taxes goes towards fire company operating expenses, such as training, fuel, and equipment costs.  We need your help - please support our Capital Campaign program and ensure the future of public safety in Warwick Township by making a donation today.  Capital Campaign donations are used to pay the financing of our construction.  Your donation helps save lives and your donation is tax deductible.  No donation is too small.

Check out our construction pictures by clicking this link.

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The members of Warwick Township Fire Company wish to express their gratitude for your upcoming pledge to our capital campaign and to those that have already pledged - Thank you!

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